About Us

Coq Inu Coffee was inspired by the transparent and fair launch of the Coq Inu community coin from Wojak and Gribbly and subsequent Coq Hackathon.

The amazing communities around Coq Inu, Chikn, and all things in the Avalanche ecosystem, motivated us to share our love and passion for coffee with our crypto friends.   

We've partnered with a family operated, FDA registered, and FSMA compliant craft coffee roaster to provide the highest quality coffee choices, roasted to order, and shipped directly to your door. 

In addition to becoming your favorite coffee brand, our mission is to increase awareness of the Coq Inu community coin, the Avalanche network, and crypto currency in general.  There's nothing like having coffee with a friend while explaining the concepts behind Bitcoin, public ledgers, and financial freedom. 

We Burn Coq, Not Beans!

Every month 4.20% of our coffee sales will be used to purchase and burn Coq Inu tokens creating deflationary pressure.  A public wallet will be created so these transactions can be verified.  On the 1st day of every month the wallet will be funded, Coq Inu tokens will be purchased and then sent to the 0x00000 Avalanche c-chain burn address deleting them from circulation forever.

We've already mailed tons of Coq Inu stickers all over the world.  We know that if more people see Coq Inu, more people will want to hold Coq Inu.  We'll keep sending our customers free Coq Inu swag to help spread Coq around the world.